Employee Handbook for HackerBay, Inc.

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Working with Trello

  1. We use Engineering board on Trello for all of our engineering activities. If you’re not on this board. Let your manager know.
  2. Repositories are labels in Trello. For ex: We have a label on Engineering board for cloudboost/cloudboost project, cloudboost/user-service, etc.
  3. We’ve created many list on the Engineering board:
    • Ideas: These are tasks or cards which are ideas or feature requests from our customers that may or may not be implemented.
    • Unassigned: These are tasks or cards not assigned to anyone.
    • To-Do: When the card is assigned to someone. It’s usually in To-Do.
    • Doing: Move the card here when you’re working on it. Only one card assigned to you should be in doing. Write code + tests before moving the card to Code Review
    • Code Review: Assign the card to your code-reviewer for review.
    • Deployed to Staging: When the feature is deployed to staging and is assigned to Quality Assurance team.
    • Quality Assurance: Quality check for the task.
    • Deploy to Production Pending: Card assigned to Ops and deploy to production is pending.
    • Deployed to Production: When a task is on production.
  4. When a card is assigned to you. You’ll get a notification and It should be on the To-Do list.
  5. Tip: If the board has a lot of cards and is messy. You can only see cards assigned to you or by label by Filter Card feature in the Trello more menu. This saves a lot of time looking up cards assigned to you.
  6. Important:
    • When you’ve been told a task by your manager verbally. Add a card immediately to To-Do, describe a task and assign that card to yourself.
    • Never work on more than one card. ONLY one card assigned to you should be in the Doing list.
    • Only push card to Done when you’re done with the feature / task, done with writing tests, and also have manually tested the feature. Push the card to Code Review when you’re done and ping your code reviewer for review. Assign the card to him.
    • If there are any reviews in the Code Review stage, the card will be pushed to Doing list by your reviewer. The card will be re-assigned to you.
    • Once you’re done with all the code reviews. The task will be deployed to staging and will be assigned to Quality Assurance team for final check. If there are any bugs found here. It’ll be pushed to Doing and will be re-assigned to you.
    • Your task is ONLY done with it has passed Quality Assurance, and is in the Deploy to Production Pending list. In this case, the card will be assigned to dev-ops team and they will take care of shipping the feature in production.
    • If you’re in the dev team and your card gets moved back and forth between Quality Assurance and Doing. that’s a bad sign and affects very negatively on you. Continue to do this, and you’ll not be working with us. It’s your job to make sure the task is without any bugs before you pass that to QA team.