Employee Handbook for HackerBay, Inc.

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Writing Content

Most of the products we sell are developer tools. They help developers and companies build apps faster. It’s important we have developers sell these tools instead of sales people. One o the ways we do it is by Inbound Marketing which includes writing blogs.

We ask everyone in the company to write one blog / month. This is not optional. We know some of you may not be good at writing, but we will help you with it every step of the way. Time you spend to write blogs is paid for by the company. You can do this whenever you like. You can write a blog on any one of our products (even if you’re not the one working on it). If you’re not an engineer, you can still write blogs on products like University, Labs and more. There’s a lot of room for you to explore.

Before you start writing, please discuss the topic and title of your blog with your manager. Ask your manager to add you on Medium as a writer. Once you’re done - submit the blog to a publication and we’ll have it reviewed and give you feedback, just like we give you feedback on your code.

You can also switch writing blogs to making a Video Course, Webinars, or whatever makes you tick.

Important If you’re working on Blogs. Here’s an important guide that you can read. Do not submit your blogs to Medium if you have not completed these steps.