Employee Handbook for HackerBay, Inc.

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Setting up Emails


Not Recommended:

Use Webmail at https://mail.hackerbay.io/mail, check your username / password here and reset them.

Recommended: Set this up on your work PC as well as on phone. Use your fav mail client which supports IMAP on your PC and Phone.


Contacts & Calendar Synchronization

In your browser

You can edit your contacts and calendar from your web browser:

Log in settings are the same as with mail: your complete email address and your mail password.

On your mobile device

If you set up your mail using Exchange/ActiveSync, your contacts and calendar may already appear on your device.

Otherwise, here are some apps that can synchronize your contacts and calendar to your Android phone:

Contacts and Calendar: DAVdroid Only Contacts: CardDAV-Sync Only Calendar: CalDAV-Sync ($2.89)

Use the following settings:

Few Notes