Salary and Leave Policy

How is Salary Calculated

Leave Policy


Example 1: An intern works 20 hours/week. 80 hours a month (instead of working full time 160). It’s not fair for us to pay him for 16 hours of paid leaves (10% of 160). Instead we pay him for 8 hours of paid leaves (10% of 80).

Example 2: An admin works for 10 hours a week. 40 hours/month. His paid leave will be 10% of his total hours in a month which would be equal to 4 hours. We don’t want someone who works less to get more paid leave as someone who works full time. This would be fair to everyone.

Example 3: An Employee works 176 hours/month. He would get 17.6 hours of paid leaves (10% of 176) which is equal to more than 2 days of paid leaves.

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Medical Leave

Maternity Leave:



If you’re not present at Standups, you will lose half of your pay-check for a day. Its important that you attend these. It happens Mon-Fri. We officially have weekends off. Again, your salary is calibirated for 22 work days a month and not 30. So, you technically would lose (1/22) x 0.5 of your pay-check. For more information on this, please check the Standup document.

Office and Work Hours


HackerBay, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. All aspects of employment including the decision to hire, promote, discipline, or discharge, will be based on merit, competence, performance, and business needs. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, marital status, age, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, pregnancy, genetic information, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

Fly Weeks

If you or your team wants to work from any other country to explore that country while you work. We completely support it. Infact, this is one of the benefits of working remote. Few locations we recommend which are great to do this : Thailand, Nepal, Columbia, Ecuador, A lot of Africa, Eastern Europe and more. Most of these places are cheaper than India to be in. For more information on this, please check the Travel document.